Tenants and owners of businesses have many responsibilities regarding their safety and that of people visiting their premises, be it employees or customers. 

Basic knowledge of tools and equipment is essential when it comes to fire safety. You must ensure that all these materials are available and working properly.

List of items you should inspect daily ...

  • Only the green indicator light on the fire alarm system panel should be on.
  • The fire alarm system's manual triggers should be visible and free of any obstruction.
  • The portable fire extinguishers should be in good condition, correctly mounted on their stands, and the pressure gauges must indicate that they are charged.
  • All escape routes (exit door, internal and external staircases, corridors, etc.) should be free from any obstruction.
  • All escape routes should be unlocked when the premises are occupied.
  • Escape route doors and associated hardware should be in good condition.
  • All "EXIT" signs should be illuminated and in good condition.

Source : Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal.